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For Sailors

All sailors who visit Darłowo Sea Port can use the port infrastructure for sports and recreational units located on the eastern side of port in the basin, the entrance to which is located behind the shipyard. In the pool there are mooring platforms with wooden deck, where you can use electricity and get fresh water. You can also use shower and toilets, a washing machine and the possibility of connecting to the wi-fi network. The fees for one day of yacht berth depend on its lenght and are as follows.



day month* month
< 5,99
30,00 250,00 300,00
6,00 - 7,99 40,00 300,00 450,00
8,00 - 11,99 55,00 450,00 600,00
12,00 - 14,99 70,00 600,00 750,00
15 > 85,00 800,00 900,00

*residents with a parking agreement with ZPMD

   In additions, a fee is charged for each commenced day in the amount of PLN 5 for each person on the sports and recreation unit:

   The price includes:

- parking place

- electricity consumption

- fresh water intake

- use of sanitary facilities ( toilet, shower)

- access to wi-fi network in the marina

- possibility of discharging oily water and faeces ( according to the limit specified in the price list)

- possibility to dispose of municipal waste

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